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With Our Three Stars Jon Pertwee, Leslie Phillips and Stephen Murray

The Navy Lark was a BBC radio comedy written by Laurie Wyman and George Evans about the crew of The Royal Navy frigate HMS Troutbridge and their mis-adventures.

The show was first aired on The Light Programme in 1959 and ran for fifteen series until 1976 making it the second longest running radio programme the BBC has made.

The main characters of The Navy Lark are: Cheif Petty Officer Pertwee, played by Jon Pertwee; Sub Lieutenant Phillips, played by Leslie Phillips and The Number One, which was played by Dennis Price in the first series and Stephen Murray from then on. The rest of the regular characters (too many to list here - see the cast and crew section) were played by Richard Caldicot, Ronnie Barker, Tenniel Evans, Michael Bates and Heather Chasen.

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-= 14 November 2018 =-

Episode Listing for The Navy Lark: Volume 34. The Bugged and Burgled Beer

Due for release 03 January 2019

Four vintage episodes from the classic seafaring sitcom, including the original pilot episode and the final regular episode

Operation Fag End (Working Their Passage) 5 April 1959

New head honcho Commander Povey is heading to the island to inspect the crew – just as Pertwee's consignment of 50,000 smuggled cigarettes is about to arrive…

The Bugged and Burgled Beer (Bugging) 1 October 1967

Pertwee has a purchasing problem: the two cases of beer he sold to his customers have ended up in Povey's custody. Can a bugging device help him recover his haul?

Number One's Anniversary (Biff Boff Boffing Their Way Through) 11 July 1971

With his first wedding anniversary approaching, Mr Murray is in a bad mood – and Captain Povey is in trouble after switching the photos of two applicants for his wife's advertisement for an au pair.

Captain Wilberforce Pertwee (Having a History Lesson)18 January 1976

After Pertwee's ingenious defence gets Phillips acquitted at a court martial, he recounts how he got his inventiveness from his wily Great-Great-Grandfather Wilberforce Pertwee.

Starring Jon Pertwee, Leslie Phillips, Richard Caldicot, Stephen Murray and Tenniel Evans, with Dennis Price, Ronnie Barker, Michael Bates, Heather Chasen, Pamela Buck, Norma Ronald and April Walker.

CD £13.25

Download £5.00

The Navy Lark Volume 34 The Bugged and Burgled Beer At

The Navy Lark Volume 34 The Bugged and Burgled Beer at

-= 06 October 2018 =-

More details for The Navy Lark 60th Anniversary Special Edition.

Due for Release 07th March 2019 in a CD and Download versions.

The CD version will cost £20 and will include "Left Hand Down A Bit", a feature programme in which Leslie Phillips takes listeners on a voyage through six classic episodes of the iconic series:

Operation Fag End (January 1959)

The Hank of Heather (April 1959)

The Lighthouse Lark (January 1960)

A Deliberate Bashing (April 1963)

Mr. Phillips at Dartmouth (October 1967)

The Jubilee Navy Lark (July 1977)

Plus extra bonus programmes which will allow listeners to dip their toes into the water of this classic comedy, such as a mini-episode from The Light Entertainment Show; two cross-over episodes from spin-off series The Embassy Lark featuring the beloved Navy Lark characters; and a discussion from Farewell to the Paris featuring Leslie Phillips and Jon Pertwee as they reminisce about making the series.

The Navy Lark: 60th Anniversary Special Edition CD on Amazon

The Navy Lark: 60th Anniversary Special Edition CD on


The Download Version will cost £10 and will feature the above along with 11 other episodes from across the series. No details on which episodes they will be as yet.

The Navy Lark: 60th Anniversary Special Edition Download on


The only new material would seem to be the two cross-over episodes of The Embassy Lark.

All the other features so far listed have been previous extras on the series boxsets.

-= 25 August 2018 =-

The Navy Lark: 60th Anniversary Special Edition CD

Due for release 07 March 2019

The Navy Lark: 60th Anniversary Special Edition CD

No information yet about what it will be - will add more when available.

-= 07 March 2018 =-

The Navy Lark Volume 34

Due for release on 06th December 2018

The Navy Lark Volume 34

The 34th volume in the long running classic comedy show scripted by Lawrie Wynman, and starring Leslie Phillips, Jon Pertwee, and Stephen Murray.

No episode details or title as yet